Excepta is for modern entrepreneurs who burst with ideas and energy, who want to use their opportunities online locally, where and when they want, without IT bothering them or becoming a risk. Excepta guarantees that with an ingenious safety shield that protects your business data and makes it available again in an emergency, without exceptions. One thing is certain, it will go wrong once, but when it does, Excepta ensures that you can continue to work immediately and without headaches.

Safety is people’s work
It’s practically unavoidable, but something will go wrong and when it does you need to be prepared. Apart from dust, fire, water damage, power failures or faltering providers: cybercrime is increasing exponentially and Dutch companies are increasingly targeted thanks to their knowledge, innovation and capital. The moment comes when someone steals their data, takes it hostage or destroys it.

Why is this possible?
Because every entrepreneur is a person and works with other people. So yes, someone clicks on that ‘innocent’ attachment or downloads a new virus or ransomware to his work laptop at home with that new film. And as all colleagues are ‘connected’, everyone can be infected in no time. Even the backup server and networks of suppliers and customers are at risk.

Get back to work right away
Excepta realizes that with one integral security shield that keeps your data secure, so you can continue to do business without exceptions. Knowing that you and your colleagues are just people and can make mistakes in the field of data security. Excepta is an ingenious concept of hardware, software and advice working with your company to protect, monitor and store all relevant data and systems against loss or damage.

Behind Excepta is 15 years of experience in IT continuity and the drive of two entrepreneurs who know how important it is that IT supports an entrepreneur instead of hindering. That is why Excepta is a total modular solution that has been developed for the most demanding multinationals and then translated into an affordable and accessible variant for SMEs.

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