Depending on IT

What do you do if your company data or entire servers, suddenly disappear(s) / or are faulty, infected or taken hostage?

Safety is people's work

If not you, then it’s your colleague who clicks on that weird attachment, or who downloads a movie with a dangerous virus.

Entrepreneurial energy

Entrepreneurship becomes more fun if you can rely on the safety and availability of your data and underlying systems.



Excepta offers an integral security shield that keeps your data secure, so that you can continue to do business without interruptions.
Human error is one of the main causes of data security vulnerability.
Excepta is an ingenious concept of hardware, software and advice that protects, monitors and stores all relevant data and systems in your company against loss or damage.
A modular solution developed for the most demanding multinationals and translated into an affordable and accessible variant for SMEs.

This is what Excepta offers …


IT continuity and security
Modulair all-in-one solution
Easy to understand in a complex IT landscape
Fast personal service
Experience with your industry
Interpreted as a co-entrepreneur

IT staff

Next-Gen security
Next-Gen backup and DR
Monitoring & Alerting
Office365 backup and recovery
Customized hard- and software
Hosted & On-premises solutions

Why choose Excepta?

Guarantee continuity

So you can continue doing business if it ever goes wrong


With Excepta you don’t believe in safety, you know for sure

Focus on entrepreneurship

Data and IT should actually help you, does not thwart you


Our solution easily grows with your company


Do not perform business with a backup of 2 days old


Interested, questions, comments?
We are ready!