This is how you deal with it

Excepta is about freedom, flexibility and security for entrepreneurs. Their data and IT systems must support that. We therefore ensure safety and continuity in six steps:

We can visit you and have a cup of coffee to discuss what challenges you face, how your IT is structured and explain what Excepta can do for you.

During our initial meeting we discuss whether or not we have a good fit and what changes may be necessary in order to make your business secure. Based on this, we set up a customized version for you and we agree on a turnaround time. We then immediately know what you are going to invest per month in the security of your data and the IT continuity of your company.

We make a scenario and consult with the people who will also be involved in the implementation. For example, we discuss how we can safely arrange access to the premises, the server rooms and the IT systems.

An expert will install your Excepta solution, in close cooperation with your IT specialist or service provider. We then test whether everything is functioning properly and we connect your Excepta to our monitoring & alerting system. Where necessary, we train your people who have to work with the system.

We work on all loose ends or bugs that may arise. Only when everything works perfectly, we close the project.

Excepta is always and immediately accessible for support of your Excepta solution. In addition, we proactively provide you with clear reports and rapid alerts on incidents or suspicious activities.

After all, we are not your data bodyguard for nothing!

We use a project-based approach with all our customers. Regardless type or size of the company.

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