Wat does it do?

Excepta protects your data and prevents ransomware, malware, viruses and other (un) aware threats from entering your IT systems.
With Excepta you can quickly access your data after an incident, even after physical incidents such as a fire or water damage.

What does it offer?

Efficient backups that you can quickly restore
Protects servers, desktops & laptops
Archiving on three types of carriers
Complete recovery without software requirements
Centralised monitoring & alarming
Proactive checks and analyzes
Determine who gets access to what
Custom reports

Who is it for?

Excepta is branch and brand independent

Public and private sector
Small and medium-sized businesses
Wholesale and retail
Product and service providers
Healthcare and government sector
ICT service providers

What does it cost?

Excepta is completely modular, we coordinate the design with your organization. On that basis, we calculate an attractive monthly fee.

No exceptions

Excepta does not allow exceptions when it comes to the security and continuity of your business data. To ensure this, Excepta combines the very best and proven techniques from the most demanding environments of large companies into one modular total solution. A solution that grows with you.

Excepta works everywhere

At location

Did you run the automation on your own location, or did an external party carry it out? No problem for Excepta

In the cloud

Do people in your company work together online in the public cloud? You can easily include that environment in Excepta


Excepta also supports combination of ‘on premises’ or ‘the cloud’

Trouble-free entrepreneurship

Excepta is an ingenious concept of hardware, software and advice that protects and protects all relevant data and systems in your company against loss and / or damage. With Excepta you can determine exactly what business data you want to protect and how quickly you want to have access to it if something goes wrong. Moreover, Excepta contstantly monitors the health and performance of the solution, so that we can carry out preventive maintenance and can quickly support you when problems arise.

Functional specifications

Fast and with a low load on your network

Restoring data and systems with 100% accuracy

Hardware tailored to your business

Pro-actively search for irregularities and suspicious activities

Know the status of your systems, even without incidents

Fast alerts during incidents. We often solve those before you even know it

Always the latest techniques, updates and versions

Even the backups are checked for malware

A personal point of contact for IT security and continuity

Enterprise functionality in a SME solution

Interested, questions, comments?
We are ready!