What does it do?

Excepta secures complete systems and data and prevents malware, viruses and other (un) aware threats from ending up in the production or back-up / DR environment.

If it still happens, we will ensure you can continue anyway.

Wat does it offer?

Block level backup
Internal and external replication
High availability (DR)
Windows & Linux Server protection
Endpoint backup and security
Office365 backup and recovery
Single item restore Exchange and SQL
Pro-active monitoring and alerting

Who is it for?

Exepta is inductry and branch independent

Public and private sector
Large and small businesses
Product and service provider
Wholesale and retail
Healthcare and government sector
ICT service providers

What does it cost?

Excepta is calculated based on a flexible monthly model (OPEX). Variables in this can include quantity of data, users, mailboxes, etc.
Excepta is entirely modular, we coordinate the design with your IT department.

No exceptions

Excepta addresses the demand many companies have; how to guard yourself and your company against unexpected system failures and/or loss of data.
There are many products on the market that deal with sub-areas such as security, backup, disaster recovery, authentication, replication to public and private cloud, SAAS solutions such as Microsoft Office365 etc.
All these areas for IT security and continuity are joined within Excepta. To accomplish this, Excepta combines the best, and proven, technologies from the most demanding environments of large companies into one modular total solution.

Excepta is not only a solution, it is a securityshield wrapped around your company!

Your Data Bodyguard

Excepta works everywhere

On premises

Do you run your IT environment at your own location? Owned or outsourced to an external party?

No problem for Excepta.

In the Cloud

Do you work with Office365? Then you can easily include your Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive environment in Excepta.
If you want extra security you can also use our Dutch datacenter(s). Excepta offers, among other things, replication and archiving services.


Combinations of ‘on premises’ and ‘in the Cloud’ are also supported and protected by Excepta.

Backups checked for threats

It sounds logical, but in practice there are few organizations that also check their backup for threats. Whilst backup is usually the last resort. Excepta checks for threats and alerts when the backup threatens to become infected.
And we don’t stop there, because if a major incident occurs what recovery plan is going to be in effect? The costs of downtime of an organization can have a huge impact. Together we define your RTO’s (Recovery Time Objectives) and RPO’s (Recovery Point Objectives).
For the most demanding environments, we can even replicate the full workload of both virtual and physical servers to our cloud infrastructure and then host them in stand-by mode.
IT security and continuity is an IT area that deserves attention. Make an appointment to debate with us without obligation and determine what Excepta can mean for your organization!

Functional specifications

Block-level backup
Fast and low network load

Data recovery
Schedulable volume snapshots and recoverable to any known good condition with 100% accuracy

All data presented in an interactive and simple management console

Encrypted replication of backup data

No malware in backups
Even the backups are checked for malware

Periodic status of the system, even if there is no incident

Receive reports and possible solutions in the event of incidents

Next-gen firewalling
We use the latest “Unified Threat Management” firewall techniques

Interested, questions, comments?
We are ready!