What does Excepta consist of?

Today’s technology, including powerful backup based on block-level incremental snapshots, detecting threats on servers, endpoints and even in the backup of local systems, Microsoft Office365 backup and recovery, optional: virtual standby to offer high availability of complete systems, replication to data centers for extra security, archiving and many more ingenious technical solutions possible in a single solution.

Excepta is continually up-to-date and monitored for operation via our central monitoring and alerting systems. Because of this we can offer our service at the highest level and often know about potential problems before you do. Together with you we solve these problems and if it is high priority we will not hesitate to assist you on-site.

Hardware for any type on company

Excepta appliances are composed of high-quality components and designed in such a way that it is an extremely good solution for small and medium-sized companies at very attractive prices.

The hardware grows with your organization as we can grow from small “branch office” servers to 1.2, 3 and even 4U servers. They are all identically arranged, which makes management very simplified.

Despite the standard configuration, we can also make them customer specific. Together with you, we determine the functional and technical requirements with regard to speed, storage, memory to arrive at a correct choice of model and possibly add customer specific wishes.

Companies that have physical systems, use hypervisors (such as VMWare and Hyper-V) with virtual environments are fully supported by us. Whether a rack server is needed, a “branch office” server, a powerful full-flash platform or a combination of both is no problem for Excepta.

For the demanding companies we have a number of servers available that we offer as a “dual node”. These servers are fully prepared for near real-time disaster recovery. The nodes in the chassis are set up in such a way that they meet almost every situation and every requirement can be met. From a “full flash” node in combination with a “high capacity SAS / NLSAS” node connected to each other via a 20 or 40GB interconnect connection.

Software and functionalities

Continuity does not just consist of configuring a backup or installing a firewall. There is a lot more involved in which Excepta gives you support to determine a clear route towards continuity. The software that we use within Excepta is very powerful and subdivided into;

Backup and DR

Scheduled, up to every 5 minutes, block-level incremental snapshots (backups) of entire volumes ensure data recovery or complete systems (physical or virtual) is very easy. Whether it concerns a few files or terabytes of data, we can guarantee the availability within a very short time. Live Recovery for full volumes to the original server, or another server that we protect, offers high guarantees for data retention and even allows you to simplify migrations to new systems. In addition to speedy recovery, it is also essential to reflect on the demands that are made today on the availability of entire servers. For this Excepta offers solutions based on virtual standby’s and Universal Restore. A virtual standby will be updated after every snapshot so the latest changes are immediately available. The only thing that has to happen after a system failure is pressing “start” and bringing the server back online. Bare Metal Recovery ensures that a physical system can be restored using a boot DVD, USB stick and optional PXE boot.

Checks on data for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, and Oracle databases ensures that data can be restored, this contributes to the integrity of the data needed to do business.

Recovering mails or complete mailboxes, SharePoint documents and sites, SQL and Oracle database tables and Active Directory objects is also part of our backup and DR solution.

Replication to our Excepta Cloud, Azure, OpenStack or Rackspace ensures if  a major disater happens there is the possibility to spin up servers within the Cloud so that there is minimal downtime. “Split retention” also ensures data reduction on the local backup data and simplifies the switch from local “single points of failure” to redundancy for the important servers that ultimately ensure successful business. Excepta provides the opportunity for customers to store data (working set) locally for 1 to 8 weeks and to store, and possibly restore, older data (subdivided into near-data@rest and data@rest) in our Excepta cloud.

Versatility, simple, efficient and effective are the key words for the back-up and DR solution that Excepta is already offering!

Cloud backup and recovery

Excepta takes into account the trend to include data in the Cloud in our back-up options. For example, Excepta provides a total solution for data in Microsoft Office365 for e-mail, Sharepoint and OneDrive and ensures that the, mostly company critical, data is replicated back to the Excepta solution and secured in our primary backup system. This creates the possibility

  • Keep your company data in management
  • Instantly restore data that has been removed in the Cloud (for retention)
  • Instantly restore data in own systems when closing the Cloud
  • To comply with stricter rules imposed by the AVG
  • Archive data on the basis of applicable laws and regulations
  • Optional replication of the data to the Excepta Cloud


Our safety shield is build with various components that must be able to provide security to keep threats out. By taking into account various aspects such as

  • Network security via high-end firewalls
  • DLP (Data Leak Prevention), IDS (Intrusion Detection)
  • LAN / WLAN / VPN connections
  • Backdoor WAN connections
  • Unified Threat Management (malware, zero day attacks etc ..)
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Threat Detection and Recovery for Servers and Endpoints
  • Backup threat detection and alerting
  • Central (Excepta Cloud) Monitoring and alerting systems

Reports and management

Excepta is supported by very powerful and versatile, enterprise reporting capabilities from our central monitoring and alerting systems. From hardware failure, hypervisor issues, the OS, the application layer or the network to even checking toners in printers are some of the options so both management and IT can invest more time in what should be done instead of continuously chasing the status of the IT landscape.

Hybrid environments

Whether you work locally, with both physical and virtual servers, cloud services at Microsoft Office365, having a hybrid environment is no problem for Excepta. Data can be replicated to various locations (full mesh) and Excepta offers the same options and functionalities at each location.

High-quality service

Excepta was created to provide SME customers with a solution to give IT security and continuity the attention it deserves but really needs.


All needed lincesies are part of the Excepta appliances*

*Archiving, MFA, replication to the Expceta Cloud, full reporting and management are optional



Hardware overview

  • 1, 2, 3 and 4U servers
  • 2, 3 and 4U dual node systems in 1 chassis
  • 10,20 or 40Gb and 100Gbe (Omni-path) interconnect between nodes
  • Dual Intel Xeon processor systems
  • 2x 1Gb and optional 10Gb network connections
  • Minimal 128Gb up to 2TB registered ECC LDRAM
  • NVMe RAID 1 for OS and applications
  • SSD RAID 1 for caching en paging
  • SSD, SAS, NLSAS for backup data storage
  • External SAS connected storage enclosures
  • Branch office appliances NVMe combined with max 4x 2.5″ of 3.5″ HDD’s, Intel processors, 1Gb and/or 10Gb network, 64GB or 128GB memory, internal SSD(s) for caching and paging

Functional overview

  • Block level forever incremental volume snapshots
  • Integrity, mountability and attachability checks
  • Single item restores for Microsoft Exchange
  • Single item restores for Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Single item restores for Microsoft AD
  • Virtual standby’s
  • Windows and Linux support
  • Threat detection for servers, workstations and backups
  • Integrated monitoring & alerting
  • Next-Gen Firewalls with integrated security technologies
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Wireless and wired protection
  • and much more……

Excepta does not just sound interesting, it’s really going to help you!

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